Ways to Accessorize With Jewelry

Ways to Accessorize With Jewelry

Accessories are essential in order to make your outfit look wonderful, and jewelry is one of the most important elements when it comes to accessorizing.

Listed below are several basic tips and techniques to assist those lovely ladies out there. Read on!

1. Look for precious gems that look good on you. Color is so important. Blue topaz looks great on almost everyone. Redhead and brunette ladies look wonderful in gold jewelry, many pale blonds look best in silver. Those with black hair, may need larger and lighter stones to stand out, like citrine and lemon quartz.

2. Jewelry can compliment the clothes you are wearing. If you are wearing a green amethyst necklace, it would be best to wear something green, yellow, white or a complimentary color like purple. If you are wearing garnet earrings, think of whites, reds or black in a dress or blouse. Jeans look great with any kind of jewelry, but violet and moonstone, pink topaz and green garnet really works with the blues. Go rustic or sparkly!

3. You can wear a set of matching pearl earrings and a necklace or bracelet, or even layer complimentary necklaces for very new stylish look. Two gold chains one shorter and one a bit longer is very fashionable. All sorts of charms, like birthstones, peace signs and flowers are great!

Some more tips to remember:

Make sure the scale of your jewelry is in scale with the shape of your body.

Wear 3 or four (or more!) bracelets or bangles on one of your arms for interest.

If you desire to look slimmer and taller, wear a v-neckline and a longer “Y” necklace that creates more of a vertical line or some of the longer length chain or beaded necklaces that are very in right now.

Your wedding ring need not match other stones – it is unique to you and your look!

The textures of your jewelry might work best if they are similar- sparkly with sparkly, vintage with vintage, silver gemstone jewelry and handcrafted looks all look best when the styles are similar.

Find pieces of gemstone jewelry that look great on you and make you feel feminine – you will find that you will wear your beautiful jewelry over and over again.

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