Trophy Awards

Trophy Awards

There are many occasions that call for the need of a trophy to congratulate a member of an organization. These trophies are the easiest way to show your appreciation on award day by recognizing each member individually. Design your trophy awards today by engraving designs created to fit your special celebration.

Different occasions call for different styles of trophy awards. The typical style trophy allows a buyer to design a 3-dimensional sculpture. This style allows you to be creative by incorporating your reason of celebration in to your design. Those who are celebrating a sports team can choose to include a baseball, football, or hockey player to their trophy to emphasize the reason of recognition. When trophies are specially designed players can look at them on their trophy stand and have fond memories of the times shared with teammates.

Other people may choose to create a plaque for recognition. Plaques are typically hung in areas that receive a lot of traffic so one can be recognized as people walk by. These are designed by engraving names in to the slate. They can include the names of a few people or the entire group of people in a specific organization. Some people even choose to include a picture or two at the top of the plaque to recognize the coach, president, or vice president of the organization. One also has the option to add names on to plaques as the time calls for new additions.

One can also design a metal to show appreciation. Metals are typically more affordable due to their small size. They can be designed from front to back. The front of the metal typically includes a picture of the reason for celebration. The back of a metal makes the award special to each person by engraving a person’s name or team name on it. These metals also include ribbons so they can be worn around the neck by the people receiving them.

All styles of trophies are specially designed to fit your occasion. Each style can be engraved with any information you deem necessary. Ordering these trophies is simple and only requires a buyer’s input if they wish to design their trophy uniquely. They are made affordable so that a buy can purchase a large quantity at a low price without the hassle of dealing with hidden fees. Order your team or organization a handcrafted trophy award at any time of day to show them just how much you really care.

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